Custom Turnkey CMS Websites

Custom turnkey CMS websites are completely functional pre-built websites. The site comes with hosting, pre-installed scripts and forms, shopping carts, and a myriad of other website options. The buyer just needs to “turn the key” to get the site up and running.

At Magnetiks, we design custom turnkey CMS website solutions that are designed and implemented to achieve your Internet Marketing Strategy.

Some of the services we include are:

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management

The goal of a custom turnkey CMS websites are to immediately get placed into search engines and generate traffic to your site. The benefit of a turnkey CMS website is that we do all of the initial development work and you reap the benefits. Just remember, a turnkey website does not mean profit and sales without effort. You still need to promote your business and continually change and optimize site content for search engine spiders.

To understand the reason for the popularity and high demand for quality turnkey websites, you have to look at the Internet as a whole. It’s global but it’s not populated mostly by geeks anymore. In addition, high levels of stress and the personal desire to be happier and have more freedom has more and more people wanting to run their own business, work from home or work when they want as often as they want. This mindset has brought about millions of genuine success stories about how normal, non technical people have become self-employed and successful simply by working via the Internet.

At Magnetiks Internet Marketing of Houston, Texas, each one of our custom turnkey CMS websites are custom made and will never be sold as a template! The buyer is the only one who will ever have this site and that means less competition!

Are you tired of having a website that hundreds of other people have? Contact Magnetiks or call (281) 362-9855 today to find out more about our custom turnkey CMS website solutions.