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Houston, Texas advertising has never been more affordable for small business owners than with press release optimization. Online press releases are the new PR strategy of the 21st Century. A well-optimized press release can produce top ten placements in Google’s organic results within as little time as a week. In addition, online press releases remain on Google for up to six months whereas a newspaper ad is gone when the paper is thrown out with the trash. More and more people today are getting their news knowledge from search engines and blogs. Press Release Optimization allows relevant, newsworthy information about your company to be available where your target market is looking. With the right key word optimization and distribution of your press release, a business can increase traffic and potential sales.

Your site influences all the events of AIDA (Marketing term for Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) within seconds of a visitor’s first click onto the page. The right look, content, and feel peeks the attention of the visitor, which keeps them interested about your product. With the right words, your site will create the desire and, therefore, get your visitor to take action.

While all this sounds great, you still need to come up with that perfect internet marketing strategy to get the right customer to visit your site.

Another way you can boost traffic through Press Releases is an email newsletter. A newsletter is a great way to get previous customers and visitors of your site to come back for more information. One thing you want to remember is to not send out SPAM. You will lose customers very quickly and through word of mouth many more people may never visit. Also, don’t just put “Newsletter” in your subject line. Make it attractive to the reader in order to get their attention and click the message to read it.
Magnetiks Internet Marketing can optimize your press releases and help you tap into this new PR strategy in a way that will enhance your business! We invite you to contact us anytime or call for a free, no obligation estimate.