Proof is in the Pudding ( SEO Proof )

Magnetiks started off in 2002 with a programmer, a graphics artist, and a salesperson. Since then like any small company we have adapted and overcome many different times, our company has created over 100 different types of web sites from large ecommerce to family web sites ( don’t believe me then take a look at our portfolio of sites ).

At the turn of 2007, Magnetiks has decided to focus most of our attention to helping our clients achieve “1st page status” for the website on Google, Bing, MSN, and Yahoo for their main keyword phrases.

We use awstats and Google Analytics to analyze our web sites to ensure that they are getting the right type of traffic and to track contact forms.

Here are some examples of stats from awstats and Google Analytics. This particular example comes from Google Analytics showing that Magnetiks gets most of their visits from Google and all of our visits are organic ( natural search engine traffic without us having to pay for sponsored traffic then we insure in the long run that get found even if we added paid or sponsored traffic later on ).
This next example comes from AWstats showing Magnetiks unique visitors for the months of January through April of 2007.