Search Engine Marketing

High search engine rankings continue to be one of the most effective ways to bring quality, targeted traffic to your website. Magnetiks Search Engine Marketing LLC can help you significantly increase your rankings in the major search engines.

How do we do this?

By following a process that gets results every time:

SEM in Houston is a great tool for testing and finding different things that will work for your business online, but it is not a model in which you would want to invest your entire online marketing budget. Never put your eggs in one basket especially one that is as volatile as PPC. How SEM can help grow your business.

By following a process that gets results every time:

Keyword Research & Analysis

Choosing the correct keywords for your business is a vital step in the search engine marketing process. In this research step, we conduct a client consultation to find out who your ideal customers are and what products or services you are interested in selling to those customers. Then, we use a number of tools to see what relevant keywords Internet users are typing into the search engines to locate such items and services. This allows us to target the right keywords precisely, and get effective results.

Site Optimization

After determining the best keywords for your business, we go through your site and optimize it for the search engines. Most search engine rankings are determined by a computer program using specific criteria to rank the listings. Typically, people do not create the pages on their website with the idea of matching the specific criteria that search engines are looking for. We will tailor the pages on your website to be more "search engine friendly".

Pay-per-click Placement

Pay-per-click search engines are fast becoming a key element in any successful search engine marketing campaign. These types of search engines allow you to bid on keywords or phrases, and your ranking is simply determined by your bid. Magnetiks Internet Marketing LLC works with the pay-per-click search engines every day, and knows how to maintain the right balance of cost vs. effectiveness. We will conduct an analysis of your keywords and determine where your bid levels should be set to get a high return on your investment.

Submission to Search Engines & Directories

There are about 20 search engines and directories that account for over 99% of all searches on the Internet. We focus on these and know how to submit your site so that it ranks well. Some of the directories, such as Yahoo, charge a listing fee. Any listing fees are incorporated into your total budget at the beginning so there are no hidden costs or surprises.

Ongoing Tracking & Analysis

This is probably the most important and most forgotten step in the search engine marketing process. Each month we will send you a complete report on how your site is doing in the search engines. These reports reveal how your site traffic has increased, and where you currently rank in each search engine. If you have an e-commerce site, we will also track your monthly sales.

As the Internet continues to grow and expand, you need a partner who can help move you to the top of the search engine listings. Magnetiks Internet Marketing LLC can do this for you, and we have client results to prove it.

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In SEM unlike the yellow pages … one will actually get reports on how your SEM strategy is working. Giving you the information to make real time decisions. Click here for a free Seo analysis.

The SEM Houston industry is growing rapidly. Many new companies are entering the market and using other companies to practice as they go. Be careful when you hear of pricing to good to be true because these people need practice honing their skills and they will learn at your expense. Magnetiks has over 16 years of internet marketing experience and a proven track record with top clients saying they would choose to go with us again because of Magnetiks’ abundant search engine optimization experience and excellent customer service. Click on our services below to learn more.