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Magnetiks Internet Marketing Group, LLC

Magnetiks Internet Marketing Group, LLC offers many search engine marketing services geared toward increasing your web traffic, improving your search engine positioning and building your online business. Search engine optimization and internet marketing are constantly evolving fields. Search engines frequently change their ranking algorithms, in an attempt to maintain relevance and squelch spammers. Magnetiks uses only ethical, white-hat techniques to stay on top of the perpetual changes and constantly improve each of our clients online presence. With over 16 years of experience between the staff, the Magnetiks SEO team Houston knows what works and what does not. No matter what your internet marketing or search engine optimization needs are, we have a top-notch team to carry out your strategy and aid you in reaching and exceeding your online business goals.

Professional Organizations

Magnetiks Internet Marketing Group, LLC belongs to the following professional organizations:

Your SEO Team Houston

Wesley Padgett

is widely acknowledged as one of Houston's top internet marketing specialists. Wesley has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology which is accompanied by his 11 years of Internet marketing experience and gives him an edge into they way people think and the manner in which they use the internet. He brings the advantage of building a website that actually sells your products to your target market.

Elizabeth Padgett

is the business administrator for Magnetiks. She brings 10 years of business management experience to Magnetiks and oversees the customer service and account management aspect of our company. Elizabeth is an integral part of the team, assuring that projects are completed on time and to the customers satisfaction.

Stacy Jones

is the main designer who would complete the design component of your site. Stacy's experience is extensive. With years of experience designing and developing quality, high impact, visually stunning graphics, Stacy is sure to deliver solid results. His skills include proficiency with all industry-standard design software including Flash, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, and PHP5. In addition Stacy has strong customer service skills and a creative drive that can take any design project to the next level of success.